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CHRIS: Welcome back adored friends from across the world! This is your host Chris! The Host with the Most!
EZEKIEL: Most what?
CHRIS: EVERYTHING! Well now the first competion is over with the Killer Bees at there second win! DragonFlies will now face off in the second challenge! Who will win? Let's ask my intern Zach!
ZACH: Well, the Killer Bees have won and I suppose alot of you are wondering what the next challenge is!
ASHOKA: Yeah that information will come in handy!
ZACH: Well, the challenge is another daring competion!
ZACH: Not that kind of daring! This daring is dare devil! Each member will construct a bike out of stuff found on the island then he will drive it over the lava pools! The won that crosses the finish line first alive is the winner! Simple right?
ALL: Huh?
ZACH: I need some help setting up the place to make it cooler! Mordecai, Rigby, Gwen do you want help me?
ZACH: Great Guys start building! (All rush off)
ZACH: Mordecai Gwen take these meatball launchers and head to that cliff up there! I want you to blast any contestant that tries to get across the pools! Rigby your with me!
RIGBY: Right dude!
RIGBY'S DIARY: I like Zach! He's impulsive, cute and smart also funny! Like me!
MORDECAI'S DIARY: I can't belive I kissed Gwen on camera! I hope Margaret wasn't watching! Though her lips are soft!
GWEN'S DIARY: Wow! For those who never kissed Mordecai. HE is a great kisser! I just never wantwd to stop!
ZACH: Okay Rigby we will be in this lookout tower and monitor all the other contestants!
RIGBY: Wow! You can see everything from here!
ZACH: Yeah Chris relly knows to do things good even when they are not!
RIGBY: Guess your right!
ZACH: Your a nice guy Rigby!
RIGBY: Hey thanks look it's the DragonFly team! There strating to build! Can we see how they are doing?
ZACH: Sure!

THOMAS: Hey, Cody do you want to team up?
CODY: You bet! So what do we build?
THOMAS: It should be like a motorcycle! For two people! We can use this old bicycle!
CODY: Yeah and we can use this motor to get us through!

PRINCESS B: Finn do you want to team up?
FINN: Sure! Ashoka will help us to!
ASHOKA: Yeah I already have a design!
PRINCESS B: I just want it to be you and me!
ASHOKA: I think we should work together! We have a better chance that way!
FINN: I think Ashoka is right! We should work together!
PRINCESS B: Never mind you guys do your thing and I will do mind! (Storms off!)
ASHOKA'S DIARY: I have no idea what is wrong wwith Princess Bubblegum! All I want to do is what is est for the team! What is her problem!
PRINCESS'S B DIARY: My problem is that you are stealing my best friend! Geez can't you leave him alone!
PRINCESS B: I wonder can I do this myself?
GUMBALL: Do what yourself?
PRINCESS B: Complete the challenge! Everybody else formed there own teams now I'm by myself!
GUMBALL: You can work with me! I need some help!
GUMBALL: Here I need you to get me some parts! A motor, an engine, and a propeller!
PRINCESS B: On it! (Runs off)
CHRIS: Hurry up! Time is short!
PRINCESS B: Have to hurry! There that is all the stuff Gumball wants!
ASHOKA: Hey what are you doing that's are stuff!
PRINCESS B: I need it! (Snachtes the motor!)
ASHOKA: Sorry need that! (Force lifts Princess B then drops her!)
FINN: Hey what's going on here?
ASHOKA: Just a little friendly competion! Right Princess?
PRINCESS B: Yeah that is what it is! A friendly competion! Here you can have the motor!
ASHOKA: Thank you!
CHRIS: Alright I waited long enough contestants to the starting line!
ZACH: I thought it was your day off!
HRIS: Well, I'm bored need to see explosions!
ZACH: Right? Okay is everybody ready?
GUMBALL: Almost just need the motor!
PRINCESS B: Couldn't get one!
GUMBALL: The bike won't go without the motor!
THOMAS: We have one you csn use here!
GUMBALL: Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!
CODY: Why does he do that?
CHRIS: Alright to the starting line! First one to reach the finish line at the end of the lava pools wins! Ashoka and Finn, Thomas and Cody, Princess Bubblegum and Gumball GO! (All rush off through the lava pools!)
MORDECAI: That's are cue!
GWEN: Blast them!
(Meatballs start flying everywhere!)
CODY: Watch out!
ASHOKA: I have a bad feeling about this!
THOMAS: Hang on! (Starts ramming into Ashoka's and Finn's cart!)
ASHOKA: Loose them Finn!
FINN: On it! (Cuts the wheel of there bike!)
CHRIS: WHOAOAAA Right into the lava! That's going to hurt! Two remain!
GWEN: There getting close! Stop them!
MORDECAI: Way ahead of you! (Shoots a meatball into the air)
GUMBALL: I see the finish line dead ahead......ddddd!!!!
GWEN: You got him!
PRINCESS B: Gumball!
ASHOKA: You are out!
PRINCESS B: Not on my watch! (She presses a button on her bike!)
FINN: What happening!
PRINCESS B: I placed a bomb in the motor! See ya!
CHRIS: DOUBLE WHOAAA! Never saw that coming!
GWEN: Watch out lava explosion! (Knocks Princess B in the air! She crashes through the tower and knocks Zach out of it!)
ZACH: Not good!
RIGBY: I got you! (Catches Zach and Princess B in both of his arms!)
ZACH AND PRINCESS B: You saved us!
CHRIS: Congradulations! Princess B you crossed the finish line and are therefore immune! You will get to choose who is eliminated tonight! Choose wisely!
PRINCESS'S B DIARY: I know who I am eliminating! I just hope it is the right choice!
(At the Campfire)
CHRIS: Zach you did an excellent job hosting the show! Now it is time for the elimination! Princess B you have immunity! Who is getting shipped home?
PRINCESS B: Well, after a long think I decided that the person who should go home is............................................................................Ashoka!
CODY: The team captain!
THOMAS: We need her!
FINN: Yes, we do!
ASHOKA: Of course you chose me!
PRINCESS B: It is who I choose!
CHRIS: Ashoka here is the second toxic marshmello!
ASHOKA: (Uses the force to hold it!) As long as I don't heve to eat it!
(At the Launch of Looserdom!)
CHRIS: Any last words?
ASHOKA: I just want to say as the team captain everybody on the team preformed well and I am glad to have all of you on my team! I had a great time and I hope you choose someone who can lead you to victory!
CHRIS: Good bye Looser!
CHRIS: The DragonFlies just eliminated there team leader! Who will rise up and lead the team? Will Finn go back to Princess B? Will Gumball ever win a challenge? Are Mordecai and Gwen kissing again?
RIGBY: Really guys!
MORDECAI: Do you mind?
CHRIS: Find out these anwsers and more right here on TOTAL DRAMA CARTOON NETWORK!
The next part of the episode! Don't hate me for hurling your favorite character! Just kee reading!

I don't own any of the characters in this story they all belong to there rightful owners!

Zach belongs to Easygrl
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