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(Pinkie Pie staring at a Rainbow Frosting cake. It is really Rainbow Dash placed under a curse. Pinkie Pie is drooling.)

PINKIE PIE: Okay. First question, can I eat you?

RAINBOW DASH: No Pinkie! You may not eat me!

PINKIE PIE: What if I covered you in chocolate frosting?

RAINBOW DASH: No! If you eat me I will die!

PINKIE PIE: Oh yeah. Second question, how did you become a cake?

RAINBOW DASH: I...I insulted a wizard.

PINKIE PIE: Was it Gandolf? Did you say he was gay?

RAINBOW DASH: I just paired him up with Saruman.

PINKIE PIE: They do look good together!

RAINBOW DASH: That's what I said! Now are you going to help me?

PINKIE PIE: Yeah, (Picks up a slice) Now what are we going to do?


PINKIE PIE: Sorry! Sorry! It was an accident! You look so good! Wait a second! Maybe science has the anwser!

(Pinkie Pie grabs a charkboard and begins doing diagrams.)

PINKIE PIE: Okay! According to my calculations! The only thing that can counter wizard magic is a high concentrate of potassium and sodium chloride which is comonly found in stomach fluids...! Oh Sweet Celestia! Rainbow Dash! Get in my mouth!


PINKIE PIE: Damn it! (Slams the chalkboard! Twilight comes walking up!)

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Hey! Cake! Can I have a slice?

PINKIE PIE: Sure! Why not? (Reaches for it)


TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Oh! Rainbow Dash is a cake!


TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Wow! How is that possible? Did you insult a wizard? Did you tell Gandolf he's gay?

RAINBOW DASH: I paired him up one time in my fanfiction! One time!

PINKIE PIE: Yeah! And she won't let me eat her!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Whoa! Did you offer her chocolate frosting?



RAINBOW DASH: Guys! I don't want to be a cake anymore!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Hey maybe Gandolf sent you on a spirit quest.

PINKIE PIE: Yeah! Maybe you have to learn a life lesson!

RAINBOW DASH: Like what?

PINKIE PIE: Well, your not very humble.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: And you insult gay wizards. Also you're not very generous.

PINKIE PIE: Yeah! A generous friend would LET ME HAVE SOME CAKE!

RAINBOW DASH: The cake is your friend!

PINKIE PIE: You are a liar!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Wait! I have an idea! (Later!) How's that?

RAINBOW DASH: You just put shades on me!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Well, you look normal again.

PINKIE PIE: Oh! Rainbow! You're back!

RAINBOW DASH: Nope! Still a cake! Anymore bright ideas?

PINKIE PIE: (Holding a bunch of candles) Yes!

RAINBOW DASH: Great! Now I'm on fire! And still a cake!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Wait! I have another idea! (Even more Later)

RAINBOW DASH: Now I'm covered in chocolate frosting!

PINKIE PIE: You look good though!

RAINBOW DASH: Well, funny, I feel good!

PINKIE PIE: Good enough to eat?


PINKIE PIE: DAMN IT! (Slams the chalkboard again)

RAINBOW DASH: Look! Do you guys know how to turn me back into a pony?

TWILIGHT AND PINKIE: No, is that what we were doing?

RAINBOW DASH: Great! I'll just keep on being a cake. (Smoke suddenly fills the room.)

GANDOLF: Yes it is me! Gandolf the Gay... I mean Gray! And I'm the one who turned your friend into a cake if you ever want to see him again you must anwser these riddles three!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: What is dragon, diamonds, and Bill Cipher.

GANDOLF: Uh????? How did you know???? Damn it! That's right! Fine! You win! (Turns Rainbow Dash back into a pegesi)



PINKIE PIE: Hi Dash, where did the cake go?

RAINBOW DASH: How did you know those were the correct anwsers?

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: DUH? Those are always the anwsers!

PINKIE PIE: You know that's right! Brohoof!

RAINBOW DASH: BROHOOF! (Notices her right front leg is missing) WHERE'S MY LEG?

PINKE PIE: I had one slice.

Rainbow Dash gets turned into a cake by an angry wizard and all Pinke Pie and Twilight Sparkle care about is well.....eating her!

Based off a video done by Tomska

I don't own any characters. They all belong to there rightful owners.
Happy Halloween! Everyone! What did you guys do this Halloween? Did you dress up and gets lots of candy? Did you go to parties? Let me know! I am super bored right now!
(Rainbow Dash sitting on her bed with a bunch of Daring Do books. She's moaning and groaning. Rainbow Dash: What's taking so long?)

When your at home and your waiting for the next Daring Do book to arrive you get bored.

(Rainbow Dash: You can say that again!)

When you get bored you start staring out windows.

(Rainbow Dash stares out a window. Sees two pegesi carrying a dead body.)

When you start staring out windows you see something that you shouldn't see.

(Pegesi 1: Hey! Isn't that Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash: Oh shit!)

When you see something that you shouldn't see you have to vanish.

(Rainbow dash starts packing her bags. Rainbow Dash: I have to get out of here!)

When you have to vanish you have to fake your own death.

(A whole train explodes! Rainbow Dash crawls out of the rubble!)

When you fake your own death you have to dye your mane red!

(Rainbow Dash dyes her mane red!)

And when you dye your mane red you attend your own funeral as a pegesi mare named Lauren Faust! Do not attend your own funeral as a pegesi mare named Lauren Faust! Be a boss and just get the book on Kindle!
Be a Boss (My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash)
Next Be a Boss victimis none other than tje rainbow pony herself! Come on tell me you see this as funny! What do you think?
(Nichole Watterson comes from the kitchen into the living room. Nichole: Gumball! I want you to take out the trash!)

When your mother enters the living room and tells you to take out the trash you feel trapped.

(Gumball: I have to get out of here!)

When you feel trapped you have to get free.

(Gumball starts to climb a tall dangerous mountain. Gumball: Boy! This is a whole lot better than taking out the trash!)

When you want to get free you try hang gliding.

(Once Gumball is on top of the mountain he jumps off with a hang glider. Gumball: I feel so alive!)

When you try hang gliding you crash into things.

(Gumball crashes into the power lines. Gets electricuted!)

When you crash into things the grid goes down.

(The whole town has no power.)

When the grid goes down crime goes up!

(Larry: Let's vandalize this store for no apparent reason!)

And when crime goes up your dad (Richard Watterson) gets beaten up over a can of soup! Don't let your dad get beaten up over a can of soup! Be a boss and...Just take out the garbage already!
Be a Boss (The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball)
Part 2 of my Be a boss series. I wonder if these jokes are generating any laughs? 

Richard Watterson: HMMMM?!

Probably not!
(Benson comes inside sees that Mordecai and Rigby left a big mess in the kitchen)

When you walk inside and see that Mordecai and Rigby left a mess in the kitchen you get steamed.

(Benson starts throwing things all over the place)

When you get steamed you need to calm down. When you need to calm down you go and play racket ball.

(Benson at the court hitting a tennis ball with all his might. The ball bounces off the wall and hits him in the eye.)

When you play racket ball injuries happen. When injuries happen you need to wear an eye patch.

(Benson with an eye patch! Benson:SERIOUSLY?!!)

When you where an eye patch people think your tough!

(Three big guys staring at Benson! Benson: Shit!)

When people think your tough they want to show you how tough they are!

(Thugs chasing Benson! Benson: Shit! Shit! Shit!)

And when they want to show you how tough they are you end up lying in a roadside ditch! Don't end up lying in a roadside ditch! Be a boss! Tell them to clean the kitchen!
Be a boss (Regular Show: Benson)
My first writing in over a year! It stars everyone's favorite gumball machine Benson! See if any of you can get where this joke came from! I'm going to do a lot more just like it! Enjoy! 
Happy Halloween! Everyone! What did you guys do this Halloween? Did you dress up and gets lots of candy? Did you go to parties? Let me know! I am super bored right now!


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Devi437: Harold
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Hello, my name is Devi437! I thought it was time to update my Bio so here it goes. I love artwork and hanging out with my friends here on Deviantart! I'm a Regular Show Addict I seen every episode of Regular Show My favorite eps. being TGI Tuesday! Also love Total Drama can't wait for the next season! It is going to be big. I'm also a big fan of scary movies. Being on here is awesome! It is sometimes hard though cause I have two jobs that are totally different from each other. I work as a truck driver and now a part time journalist! If you like my profile watch me and hopefully we will become friends. If you don't like me profile. Well you don't like my profile!
Chou for now!

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