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CHRIS: Well, here you have it! Your final two campers! It's been along five weeks but finally we are down to last wire! One of these campers will be crowned king of Total Drama The Great World Race! Before we get to that let's check there video diaries to see how the season went for them!

JACK FROST"S DIARY: It was great! Made some good friends over the course of the season! It could have been better though but not deadlier! It was deadly enough! You here that Chris! Less deadly! Well, for me I would totally do this again especially is Princess Elsa will be in it!

RANDALL'S DIARY: This season was a drag everybody was just caring for the money and surviving the challenges not enough time for a friendship to grow or anything like that! I wasn't actually noticed out there! The only two people who notice me were Sonia Lewis and Cody at least I think he noticed me! Will I come back? Yes! Just to spite everyone! Especially Jack Frost! You here that JACK! Your going down!

CHRIS: Well, now it's time for the challenge! You boys will go up against each other in a plane race! Here how it goes! You have two airplanes you must fly them all the Iceland! Yes! It's a real country! Fly them to Iceland and head to this volcano!
RANDALL: Chris Iceland has a few volcanoes how do we know which one?
JACK FROST: How about the one with the giant arrow pointing out of it!
CHRIS: HEY! You two! Shut up and listen! Yes Jack the volcano with the arrow sticking out of it! Once there you will find a special surprise for both of you!
RANDALL: What kind of surprise?
CHRIS: Well, you know in the last challenge the signs had names of campers past eliminated! Each of you held a sign of someone you deeply cared for!
CHRIS: There tied to the top of the volcano! You mission fly up to the top of the volcano save your girl and land past the finish line! You must make it with your plane, your girl, and yourself! First camper to do that wins a million dollars! Get ready the challenge begins now! GO! (They both head to there planes!)
CHRIS: Everyone to the Blimp! Were going to Iceland!
RAVEN: Uh! Chris! Don't you think that's dangerous hanging Sonia and Elsa over a volcano? What if it explodes!
CHRIS: Oh that won't happen! Chef checked the report right?
THE WEATHER MAN: In other news the volcano with the big arrow over right here in this picture is under investigation scientist say today it might explode people are order to evacuate!
CHRIS: Chef! Turn that racket off! I'm trying to read a book!
CHEF HATCHET: (Turns the TV Off!) You read? What on earth are you reading?
CHRIS: Moby Dick!
(Back to present!)
CHIRS: Get in the Blimp!

RANDALL: Now how do you fly this thing! (Jack crashes into him!)
JACK FROST: Like that! (He heads to the sky's!) Now if you excuse me I have to save Elsa!
RANDALL: Come on! Start! (Opens the compartment! A manual falls out!) What's this? How to Fly a plane save your girlfriend from a horrible death and get back at a rival all in day! Written by Beast Boy a guy who learned from experience! Neat! (Starts to read!) Step one! Turn the key! (He does the plane starts!) Ha! This is easy! Step Two make sure you have the steering wheel because the plane will swerve violently! (It does!) WHOA! Thanks a lot Beast Boy! Whoever you are!
JACK FROST: Iceland! That's easy! I know exactly where to go! It's one place that's hard to freeze in the Summer! Greenland is easier! Now let's see have to head north by 20 degrees then drop south 80 degrees! (His plane get hit!) What the?
RANDALL: Going left! Quickly! Wow! Glad I have several hands I can multi task! Look I'm flying a plane, reading a book, eating a sandwich, and drinking coffee all at the same time! Can you do that?
JACK FROST: I'm coming for you Lizard Boy! Get back here! (Tries to shoot ice at him but fails!) I can't shoot ice and fly this plane at the same time! Dang! What do I do?
RANDALL: Let's see is there anything in this book that can help me! Oh here! Knowing Chris he'd built some kind of in a normal household item! In other words start pushing buttons in your plane and see what weapons pop out!
JACK FROST: Come back here kid! (He dives down! Randall follows him! He goes back up!) Can't loose him!
RANDALL: Let's see this button? That level? This nob! That switch? (His plane stalls and goes down!)
JACK FROST: Wow! That was easy! I'm coming Elsa!

PRINCESS B: Chris is the ground supposed to shake here?
NADYA: Must be the new climate!
CODY: I don't know! That volcano looks like it's unstable!
RIGBY: Not only that it looks unsafe!
RAVEN: That's what unstable means!
VIPER: Chris! I think we should get them out of there!
CHRIS: Relax it's safe! I made sure! When I have not been safe?
LEO: Right now for instance! I might not be too smart but I think it's dangerous to fly a blimp near an erupting volcano!
CHRIS: Stop it! It's safe!
(At the volcano!)
SONIA: Wow! It's getting hot in here!
ELSA: You don't like the heat do you?
SONIA: No! I'm melting!
ELSA: (Tries to freeze the volcano!) I'm to hot! My ice powers are not working! Wait! Make a note of that! Ice powers can be defeated by extreme temperatures!
SONIA: Elsa! Work on a plan to get us out of here! Before we die!
ELSA: Alright! I'm thinking! Look! A plane! With ice on it? JACK FROST! He came to save us!
SONIA: Yeah............I'm so dead!
JACK FROST: Elsa! Hang on! I'm coming for you! (Laser blasts rip past him!) What the...!
RANDALL: HAHA! I found the laser cannon! Your dead!
JACK FROST: For once I think your right!
RANDALL: (Locks onto Jack's plane!) I have you now! (He fires! Jack tries to move but fails! Jack's plane explode!) YES! Glad I was wearing my glasses when that happen! Perfect shot!
JACK FROST: (Grabs Randall's wing!) Is that how were playing? Let me try! (Freezes the wing! It starts to crack!)
RANDALL: Wait if you bring this plane down you can't save Elsa!
JACK FROST: (Breaks the wing!) Yes I can! (He fly's to her!) Elsa I'm coming!
ELSA: Jack help! (He slices the rope! Sonia grabs it not trying to fall into the lava!) Jack help her too!
JACK FROST: I can't carry you both I'll save you then I'll come back for her! Sonia don't let go!
SONIA: Trying not too!
JACK FROST: Come on! I'll get you out of here! (He starts to fly to the finish line!)
CHRIS: It's looks like Jack might win!
SONIA: Arms shriveling up! (She lets go!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RANDALL: I'M COMING! (He fly's the plane under her and saves her!) Gottcha!
SONIA: Oh thank goodness! (The plane makes funny noise and starts to sink!) Oh not good!
JACK FROST: Not feeling so good!
ELSA: Let me guess your snow powers don't work when you get overheated!
ELSA: Oh great! (They all fall on Randall's plane!)

(Inside Randall's Plane!)
JACK FROST: Thanks for saving us Lizard Boy now get us out of here!
RANDALL: I can't you broke my wing! I can't fly!
ELSA: Great going! Now were all going to die!
SONIA: Now what Jack how do we get out of this mess?
JACK FROST: I don't know! I can't fly us out! My powers don't work!
RANDALL: (On the radio!)  Chris! What do we do?
CHRIS: I don't know! It's your challenge figure it out!
CHEF HATCHET: Chris maybe we should....(BURPS!)
CHRIS: Disgusting!
CHEF HATCHET: Sorry had a lot of soda on the trip!
RANDALL: Wait! Chef's onto something If somehow I can convert the gas around the lava into methane the shock will be powerful enough for us to ride the wave out of the volcano!
JACK FROST: Great! How do we do that?
RANDALL: With these stink bombs?
JACK FROST: Where did you get stink bombs?
RANDALL: Oh I lined your bunk in the blimp with stink bombs part two of my revenge plan! Part one was the pizza for Michelangelo!
SONIA: Uh! Randall do you think someone set off the stink bombs!
RANDALL: Nah! They were made for Jack! Who would be dumb enough to set them off?
(In the blimp!)
MIKE: My eyes! My eyes!
DON: Ow! Stink bomb! Who was dumb enough to set that?
RANDALL: Now let's go! (He opens the plane!) Jack you have the wheel! Don't let us die!
JACK FROST: Right! (Grabs the wheel!) Hang on girls!
RANDALL: (Hangs out of the plane!) Almost there! (The plane almost touches the lava! He throws the stink bombs in!) Brace for impact! (The volcano explodes! The shockwave launches the little plane high in the air and past the finish line!)
CHRIS: It's over Jack Frost wins!
RANDALL: What?  Well, saw that coming!
ELSA: Your a hero Jack! (She kisses him on the cheek!)
JACK FROST: Sweet! (They head onto the Blimp!)
CHRIS: Congratulations! Jack you won a million dollars! Come inside to celebrate!

(Inside the Blimp! Over the volcano!)
RANDALL: (Looks out the window!)
SONIA: Beautiful isn't it!
RANDALL: Yeah great site!
SONIA: Sad that you didn't win?
RANDALL: Nah! It's just money! I value staying alive more than that!
SONIA: You do?
RANDALL: Heck yeah you learn that after getting whack over the head with a shovel!
SONIA: You got hit in the head with a shovel?
RANDALL: Funny story about that I'll tell you about it later! (They watch the volcano explode!)
SONIA: What are you going to do when you get back?
RANDALL: I don't know? Get a job a guess!
SONIA: Same here! I'm heading to Chicago!
RANDALL: Me too! It's a nice place for hot dogs!
SONIA: Hehe! I can't picture you in a hot dogs outfit! Selling hotdogs!
RANDALL: Kind of ridiculous I know! but hey it's something! (He smiles at her and she smiles at him!)
SONIA: Maybe we can share an apartment building.
RANDALL: Yeah maybe (They move in for a kiss!)
RANDALL AND SONIA: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (They fall backwards!)
JACK FROST: Told you you'd scare them!
CHRIS: What I thought you would be thrilled!
RANDALL: Thrilled of what?
CHRIS: You won! Your the new King of Total Drama!
RANDALL: Seriously? This is not a joke right? Jack are you behind this!
JACK FROST: Believe me I am not!
CHRIS: You see I said you had to get your plane, your girl, and yourself across the finish line! Jack's plane exploded so your the only one who got all three across the finish line! So you win! Here your prize!
RANDALL: WOW! A-mill-ion b-u-c-k-s is s-o h-ea-vy!
SONIA: YOU DID IT RANDALL! (She kisses him on the lips!)
JACK FROST: How touching and Sweet is that! You look so cute Lizard Boy!
RANDALL: Stop calling me that!
SONIA: Three cheers for Randall Boggs for winning the million! (Everyone goes silent!)
RANDALL: Thanks everybody......(The volcano explodes violently! Some of the lava hits the blimp! The helium explodes! Causing the blimp to burn up! All of the campers fall out of the plane to the ground!)
RIGBY: Were all going to die!
VIPER: Why did I come back!
DIPPER: Brace for impact!
RAVEN: Typical Chris!
CHRIS: Well, that's it for this season! Randall Boggs he is now a million bucks richer and were all going to be squashed once we hit the ground! Will any of the campers survive so we can do another season?
CHRIS: Well, until then this has been Chris! Signing out of TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!
Total Drama TGWR: Eps. 15: Globe Treker! 3
EPs. 15 part 3 is out! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this season! Hope there was enough excitement in it! I really enjoyed writing this one! Hope it was good!

Jack Frost Randall Boggs who won? Read to find out!

Leo belongs to
CHRIS: Wow! This is awesome! You think so Chef?
CHEF HATCHET: It he gets struck it's on you!
CHRIS: Hey, automatic elimination!
CHEF HATCHET: That won't be good!
CHRIS: Ah! No one will care! Right?
SONIA: Go Randall! Watch out for the cars!
NADYA: Your actually rooting for that looser?
SONIA: Yeah! He's great!
RAVEN: No he's not.....He's not a warrior! Michelangelo is the one who will win! He's a slick warrior though he is a dork!
NADYA: You can say that again!
LEO: Who do you want to win? Nadya?
NADYA: I'm indifferent!
SONIA: Come on! Route for Randall!
NADYA: Ugh! Only if you admit that he's you boyfriend!
LEO: Yeah! Admit it!
SONIA: Yeah! He's my boyfriend! And I'm not ashamed!
RANDALL: AUGH! That's going to hurt in the morning! Yes! I got it! Sonia! It's you! Voted of in Paris! Sweet! (Gets struck by a car!) AUGH!
NADYA: He's so not going to win!

MIKE: Yes! Now that I have one sign all I have to do is find two more!
JACK FROST: Not if I find them first!
MIKE: Now where would they but signs? Oh! There's one! (Takes it off!)
JACK FROST: Mike! That's a stop sign!
MIKE: Oh.....(A car zooms by a crashes!) Whoops!
JACK FROST: Where would Chris put more signs?
MIKE: We could check that scary tunnel over there!
JACK FROST: You mean I can! (He fly's up ahead!)
MIKE: HEY! Wait up! (He tries to get in! Can't with the traffic!) Need plan! Skateboard! (Takes one out of his shell!) Never leave home without it! (He goes in skateboarding!)I'm going to get you Jack!
JACK FROST: Not if I can help it! (Shoots ice at him!) Ah! You missed!
JACK FROST: Did I? (His ice hits that lights! It goes dark!)
MIKE: I can't see!
JACK FROST: I can! (Uses his powers to light up his way!) Bye Mike!
MIKE: I'm a ninja! I can see in the dark! OW! That was a car wasn't it!
JACK FROST: Your hopeless! HAHA! Yes! I see light! (He heads out the tunnel!) The signs! (Takes one!) Papua New Guinea Voted out Princess Bubblegum! Oh great! Well, two down one to go! (He heads off!)
MIKE: Wait up! (Crashes into another car!) Sorry! Coming through! Watch out! Almost there! (Is about to reach up and grab a sign! He gets run over by a taxi!)

RANDALL: (In a taxi!) HAHA! For a ninja! You should be a little more alert!
MIKE: Hey! Taxi's! No fair!
RANDALL: It's fair! Chris said we had to fine his signs! He didn't say how!
CHRIS: That's true!
RANDALL: See you slow poke! (Reaches out and grabs a sign! He heads off!)
MIKE: We'll see about that! You know in the story about the hare and the tortoise! The tortoise won!
RANDALL: I'm sure that won't happen this time! (Looks at the sign!) East Coast! Eliminated Donatello!
MIKE: I'll get you lizard boy! (He grabs a sign!) Africa! Voted off Raven! Sweet! I'm getting all the hot girls! HAHA!
VIPER: Your hot?
RAVEN: I think I'm switching my vote!
DIPPER: Go Mike! You can so win this!
PRINCESS B: The odds are against him! Jack Frost is so going to win!
ELSA: Yeah! Jack you have this! I'll date you if you win! Did I just say that out loud?
RIGBY: A little to loud!
DON: Mike you can do this! Win it! He's so going to win!
RIGBY: Don't count your chickens before they hatch!
CODY: Wait the prize is chickens?
RIGBY: Ugh.....

JACK FROST: I looked all over London! Where's the last sign? I need it to win! (Looks at some vandalized walls!
(It says! The last three signs are located in the Ocean! Off Dock 3! Get going! This means you!)
JACK FROST: Wow! That's very ordinary! And out there! Well, to the ocean!
RANDALL: Not if I get there first!
JACK FROST: Oh no you don't! (He freezes the taxi!) HAHA Sucker!
RANDALL: OH! Here's the money! Have to go!
TAXI DRIVER: What kind of currency is this?
RANDALL: Montropolis Currency!
RANDALL: (Tackles Jack! They land on dock 3!) The sign is mine!
JACK FROST: You want it so bad! Take it! (Throws him in the ocean! Then tries to freeze it!) Soon you will be out of breathe! Give up now!
RANDALL: Never....(Starts to drown!)
JACK FROST: Your a failure you won't win! You can't win! Just give up!
RANDALL: (Water fills up his lungs! He starts to sink!)
CHRIS: Uh! Jack your going to far! Jack? JACK!
JACK FROST: It's over Boy!
MIKE: SIGN! (He jumps into the water and flings the signs and Randall out of the water!) Hi! What did I miss?
JACK FROST: The sign! Elsa! Antarctica! I have them all! To the airport! (He fly's off!)
RANDALL: Thanks!
MIKE: Oh your welcome....Wait for what? Hey, sign! Australia! Cody!
RANDALL: I have Rainforest Leo! (They look at each other then they run!)

CHRIS: Who is going to make it? With three signs? Who will it be?
JACK FROST: HERE I AM! (He crashes down smashing an airplane!)
CHRIS: It's over! Jack made it here! He one a spot in the final two!
ELSA: Yeah!
JACK FROST: I'm going to win! I'm going to win!
CHRIS: Who will Jack be fighting? Let's see shall we?
RANDALL: Have to run faster!
MIKE: (Leaps past him!) Ha! You weren't trained as a ninja! You have no skills! I'm going to win!
RANDALL: No skills we'll see about that! (Picks up his cell phone!)
MIKE: What are you doing?
RANDALL: My revenge plan! Operator! What's the number for the speediest pizza delivery?
MIKE: No you wouldn't!
RANDALL: Hello, Zippy's Pizza Can I have a large cheese pizza with extra peperoni?  
RANDALL: Yes! Large Coke and Extra Chips! Make sure the Pizza is dripping with cheese!
RANDALL: And I want it here in five seconds! (It is delivered!)
MIKE: Looks so good!
RANDALL: Want it?
RANDALL: Then go get it! (Throws it into the trash!)
MIKE: NO! (He jumps into the trash!) THE PERFECT PIZZA! (He begins to eat it!)
RANDALL: (Crosses the finish line at the airport!) I believe these are yours!
CHRIS: It's over! Randall won a spot in the final two! Unexpected!
MIKE: This is delicious!
DON: You let us down Mike!
MIKE: Pizza?
CHRIS: Here is a Bag of Packing Peanuts for Michelangelo! He is out! Only two remain! Who will win? The coolest guy alive Jack Frost!
CHRIS: Or the villainous lizard known as Randall Boggs!
CHRIS: Find out who your Total Drama King will be right here next time on our final part right here on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!  
Total Drama TGWR: Eps. 15: Globe Treker! 2
Eps. 15 part 2 is out! One more to go! Enjoy!

I don't own any characters!
CHRIS: Well, last time on Total Drama The Great World Race! We landed in Paris France where we competed off in a challenge that had damage to self and property! We climbed the Eiffel Tower! Now known as the I-Fell Tower! Because A. people fell and B. we knocked it down! Good news! We eliminated Sonia Lewis for coming in last place! And now we have are final three! The bad news! We have no one million dollar prize!
CHEF HATCHET: All because you wanted to make the show look good! You couldn't let them take the stairs or elevator! No! You had to make them climb it!
CHRIS: No biggie! Calm down! As usual I have a plan! Go to this bank and withdraw one million dollars from it!
CHEF HATCHET: You have one million dollars? In this bank?
CHRIS: Yeah sort of! Now go get the money before the show starts!
CHEF HATHCET: Right! On it! Fort Knox! What a weird name for a bank!
CHRIS: And don't forget the dynamite!
CHEF HATCHET: I like to move....move....move.....MOVE!
CHRIS: NOT THE SONG! Look just be back here in a hour! Because the show would have started right here on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!

"Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing Fine!
You guys are on my mind!
You asked me what I wanted to be!
And now I think the answer is plain to see!
I Wanna be Famous!
I want to live close to the sun!
Go pack your bags cause I already won!
Everything to prove! Nothing in my way!
I'll get there one day!
Cause I wanna be FAMOUS!
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be Famous!
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be FAMOUS!
(Whistling the Tune!)
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be FAMOUS!"

(The Blimp safety lands! Chef heads off to do the job! While Chris calls up all the old campers! He tells them where they are so they could set up!)

CHRIS: Here comes the choppers! Introducing all the campers that could have been but never were! Here we have Raven, Dawn, Donatello, Leo, Nadya Petrov, Princess Elsa, Dipper, Viper, Rigby, Princess Bubblegum, Cody, and Sonia Lewis! They will watch to see who will win!
RIGBY: Yeah! Were back man!
RAVEN: Is that really a good thing!
DAWN: I think it is! We can help save the poor helpless animals that Chris.....
CHRIS: Let me stop you there! You know it's not about us today!
CODY: It's not?
CHRIS: Nope! Today is the day we crown a new winner for Total Drama! Here they are now! Meet your finalists! Randall Boggs, Michelangelo, and Jack Frost!
JACK FROST: Hello there my fans!
MIKE: Hey Bro! What's up?
DON: You winning the million! That's what!
MIKE: That's what I'm talking about!
SONIA: Hey, where's Randall!
CHRIS: Don't tell me he quitted on us!
PRINCESS B: Who can blame him! This show can kill!
CHRIS: RANDALL! Where are you?

RANDALL: HEHE! This scheme will work! Just have to be here! Make sure there here! Have to have fully charged batteries on cell phone! Yep! I'm all set!
CHRIS: RANDALL! Oh there you are! (Grabs him and throws him on stage!) GET OUT THERE! (HE misses the stage and falls off it into a pile of mud!)
CHRIS: Randall! You idiot!
MIKE: OH! Right on the money!
DON: That's what's up!
JACK FROST: You look funny! (They all laugh at him except Sonia, Dawn and Raven!)
RANDALL: STOP IT! (Gets angry!)
CHRIS: That's what I like! Anger! Channel it Randall as we prepare for the challenge!
RANDALL'S DIARY: Oh these people make me mad! The ones who drive me nuts are Mike and Jack! That's why I came up with a plan to humiliate them! It's in these blueprints which I have right here! Whoa! Don't want them finding out about theses better dispose of this! (Folds it up and makes a sandwich with them!) Now with this plan just telling you it's not lethal! They won't die! Heck they won't even get hurt! I just want to humiliate them! And make them pay for voting off Sonia! Now time to dispose of these blueprints!
RANDALL: Hey Mike want a sandwich?
MIKE: Thank you! (Eats it whole!) Wow! That was good!
DAWN'S DIARY: Hey, that lizard has something about him! His aurora is telling me deep down he's good but his actions contradict that! I wonder what's up inside of him!
SONIA'S DIARY: I hope Randall wins! He disserves it! Come on! You can do it!
RAVEN'S DIARY: If I could laugh I would laugh at Randall! HAHA! There tried! I'm voting for Michelangelo! Don't like Jack his girlfriend froze me!

CHEF HATCHET: Got the money!
CHRIS: Great hand it to me!
CHEF HATCHET: Be careful! It's heavy!
CHRIS: WHOA! Now you tell me! Take it back!
CHRIS: Alright! We have the money! Let's start the challenge! We are in England! Your challenge run through the streets of London collecting signs of places we have been! Each of you will collect three signs!
MIKE: Wait are we aloud to take down just random signs!  
CHRIS: There not random! We placed them up hours ago! They have my face on them! That's how you know there legit! Each of you must find three signs once you have them you must head to the England National Airport! First two campers there will be safe! The last one will be eliminated!
RANDALL: That doesn't seem fair!
CHRIS: Zip it Boggs! Let the games begin! On your mark get set GO! (The three of them head off!) Who will win let's zoom in and find out!

MIKE: London town! A city that never sleeps!
JACK FROST: That's New York!
JACK FROST: Signs! Signs! Where would they be?
MIKE: I see them! Three signs over there!
JACK FROST: Could you have shouted that any louder?
RANDALL: Thank you stupid! (Tries to cross the street invisible! Cars pass him!) Whoa! Watch where your going! (Another one passes!) HEY! THE LIGHTS RED! (More pass him! He becomes visible!) STOP IT!
JACK FROST: Lizard Boy is crossing the street!
MIKE: Time to go! (Mike goes into his shell and rolls across the street! He gets hit by a car and gets flung! He goes over the sign and into a garbage can!) I'm okay!
JACK FROST: If you want a job done right you have to do it yourself! (He freezes the road! Causing cars to skid and head in another direction! He then freezes Randall in place!)
JACK FROST: Life isn't fair! Get over it! (He reaches for a sign!) Let's see Californian-Mexican Border! Person voted off Dawn! Well, good enough for me! Well, I'm going for another sign you boys can stick around! (He fly's off!)
RANDALL: I'll get you yet! (He get struck by a car!)
MIKE: Hey, Jack wait for me! (He grabs a sign!) OHH! Great Wall of China! Viper voted off! I remember like it was four weeks ago!
CHRIS: Both Mike and Jack have there signs! They each need two more to go! Will they succeed before Randall carries out his sinister plot that could mean death?
SONIA: He never said that!
CHRIS: Find out when we return right here on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!    
Total Drama TGWR: Eps. 15: Globe Treker!
Eps 15 part 1 is out!  Who do you want to see crown king of The Great World Race?

Elsa, Princess B, Rigby, and Cody want Jack Frost to win!

Sonia, Dawn, Nadya, and Leo want Randall Boggs to win!

Viper, Raven, Dipper, and Don want Michelangelo to win!

Who's going to win! Comment and tell me!

I don't own any characters!
CHRIS: MMM!!!! These pastries are delicious! Have to save some for Chef! Chef! Where are you?
CHEF HATCHET: I'll be right there!
CHRIS: Hurry before there all gone!
CHEF HATACHET: I'm here! I just hooked the wiring to the blimp generator!
CHRIS: And did you turn it on?
CHEF HATCHET: Not yet! Wait for the right moment!
CHRIS: Okay! Till then enjoy some of this! It's delicious!
CHEF HATCHET: (Takes a bite!) Wow! I have got to get the recipe for this!
CHRIS: Right now just sit back and watch the drama!
CHEF HATCHET: Time to push the button!

MIKE: I'm almost at the top! I see the flags!
JACK FROST: Keep going! Do it quickly!
CHEF HATCHET: Oh no you don't! (He pushes the button and turns the generator on!)
MIKE: Whoa! I suddenly have a tingly feeling in my hands!
JACK FROST: You don't have hands!
MIKE: I guess your....YOW! (Gets electrocuted!)
JACK FROST: Yikes! Mike are you okay!
MIKE: Boy! What's cooking smells good! (He falls!)
JACK FROST: Look out below!
SONIA: Randall! Watch out!
RANDALL: Oh no! (Mike falls on top of him!) Thanks for dropping in Mike!
MIKE: Don't mention it! Now if you excuse me I have a tower to climb! (Goes back to the extension cord!)
SONIA: Hey, are you ready?
RANDALL: Ready as I will ever be!
SONIA: Then stand back! (Places goo at the end of each of there man made ropes! She then throws them high in the air!)
RANDALL: Let's start climbing! (They do!)

JACK FROST: Mike! Hurry there gaining!
MIKE: Tell me something I don't know! (He gets electrocuted again!)
JACK FROST: Okay how's this! The wire your touching is live!
MIKE: Oh my gosh! It's alive! AUGH! Don't eat me! (Gets electrocuted again!) I think it hates me!
JACK FROST: Ugh! Look! We have to slow them down!
MIKE: But how?
JACK FROST: Let them touch your wire!
MIKE: Got it! Hey Lizard Boy! Want to climb my rope! It's perfectly safe! (Get shocked! Falls down again!)
RANDALL: Just keep moving Sonia!
SONIA: Right.....
JACK FROST: If you want a job done right! You have to do it yourself!
MIKE: I'm okay just in case anyone was wondering! No broken bones!

RANDALL: Halfway there! (Starts getting nervous!)
SONIA: Just don't look down!
RANDALL: Don't look down! Don't look down! (Slips a bit! Hanging upside down!) AH! Sonia! I'm looking down!
SONIA: Just don't panic!
RANDALL: Not panicking! Not panicking!
JACK FROST: Gotcha ya!
RANDALL: Hey, let go of her!
JACK FROST: Bad choice of words! (He drops her!)
RANDALL: SONIA! (He let's go!) I'm coming for ya! (She disappears! Randall lands on the ground!) Sonia! Where did you go? Sonia? SONIA! MIKE!
MIKE: YES? (Randall grabs him!)
RANDALL: What did you do with her you two eyed cretin!  
MIKE: Actually it's pronounce creetin! If your going to threaten me do it properly!
RANDALL: What? Oh! Never mind! Mike what did you do to Sonia?
MIKE: I have not the slightest idea! (Randall squeezes him harder!) I don't know! Honest!
RANDALL: Sonia! Where are you? SONIA!
MIKE: If you could excuse me I have a rope to climb!

JACK FROST: (Makes it to the top!) Alright! First place!
CHRIS: Jack is first! He is going to the finally!
JACK FROST: I did it! I did it!
CHRIS: Great! Only three more to go!
RANDALL: Come on Sonia! Where are you?
SONIA: Randall! Down here! (Looks under the Eiffel Tower!)  
RANDALL: Sonia! How did you....?
SONIA: Never mind! Just pull me out!
RANDALL: On it! (Tries to pull her out! The tower starts to lean!)
MIKE: Hey! What's happening?
SONIA: It's no use! Leave me!
RANDALL: Not happening! (Pulls her out!) See that was easy! (The tower starts to fall!)
SONIA: Oh not good!
MIKE: Have to climb faster! (He does!) Jack help!
JACK FROST: Reach for the flag and pull  yourself up! (He does!)
MIKE: I made it! (The tower tips more!) Maybe it was a bad idea going up the tower while it is falling!
JACK FROST: You think! (The tower falls!)
SONIA: GOT IT! (The tower falls on them!)
CHRIS: Whoa! That's got to hurt!
CHEF HATCHET: Maybe they should rename it the Leaning Tower of Pizza!
CHRIS: Why pizza?
CHEF HATCHET: Because it just crashed that pizza store over there!
RANDALL: (Using a flag as a rope he pulls himself and Sonia out!) Are you okay?
SONIA: I am are you?
RANDALL: I think so!
CHRIS: IT'S OVER! And I mean over! We have our winners?
MIKE: We do?
CHRIS: Yep! Jack, Michelangelo, and Randall all have flags! You guys are going to the finally!
RANDALL: Wait! I'm going without Sonia! Aw! MAN!
SONIA: It's okay Randall!
CHRIS: You bet it is! The final episode is right around the corner! As soon as I talk with the police on what just happened! You guys head to the blimp! I'll see you there!

(Inside the Blimp! Eight Thousand feet in the air!)
CHRIS: Good news and bad news! Good news is I finally have one million dollars! The Bad news is I have to give it all away to the restoration of the Eiffel Tower! What a rip! Now what! I'm broke!
CHEF HATCHET: We'll think of something Chris! We always do!
CHRIS: I know! Well for starters we eliminate someone so we have one less mouth to feed! Now the winners are Jack Frost, Michelangelo, and Randall Boggs! Here are three Bad of Roasted Peanuts! You guys are safe and in the finally! Here is a Bag of Packing Peanuts for Sonia Lewis! See you at the Trap Door of Doom!

(At the Trap Door of Doom!)
CHRIS: Any last words?
RANDALL: Sonia! Wait! I can't do this without you!
RANDALL: Sonia! Oh Sonia.....(Turns to Jack and Mike!) It's your fault she's gone! Oh! I promise you will pay! YOU WILL PAY!
CHRIS: And so will I! One million dollars to one of these lucky losers! The final three are in! Who will walk away one million dollars richer? Who do you want to win? Who will it be? Find out in our three part final episode next time on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!
Total Drama TGWR: Eps. 14: I-Fell-Tower! 2
Eps. 14 part 2 is out! The finally is here! Who will win? Tune in to our Three part episode to find out! We have

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians
Randall Boggs from Monster's Inc.
Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Who will win?

I don't own any characters!
CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama The Great World Race! We landed Outback in the Outback where we faced off in the ultimate desert survival race! We learned that the desert is not right for a frost bitten snow boy or an octo-pod goth girl but it was perfect weather for a ninja turtle and a sly reptilian lizard! In the end Randall, Jack, and Sonia all crossed the finish line leaving Cody and Michelangelo to fight for the finish! You see what went wrong here? A regular boy going up against a mutant ninja turtle! Big mistake! Cody was eliminated and I now have $750000! Two episodes remain! One more to go to the finally! Which three lucky losers will face the final round? And which one's luck will run dry? Like the desert! Find out right now on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!

(Whistling the Tune!)
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be FAMOUS!

(Inside the Blimp!)
MIKE: Wow! This pizza gets better every day! I will hate parting ways with it!
JACK FROST: You know this pizza is ordered from a deli in England! Custom imported!
MIKE: Whoa! That's amazing! I have to start ordering from there!
JACK FROST: Yep! You won't forget. Hey, now on a completely different subject I have some news for you! The finally is in a week!
MIKE: I know! I'm so excited!
JACK FROST: Not if you don't get in it!
MIKE: What do you mean?
JACK FROST: Well, the way Sonia and Randall are going we fight get forced out!
MIKE: What? No way!
JACK FROST: Yes way! They are working like a team! If they both get into the finally that means one of us goes home! Let's say you win and are in the final three! You can't hope to defeat both of them in a race! They will totally cream you!
MIKE: That might be partly true!
JACK FROST: I know I would be fried if I go up against those two! There inseparable! We have to stop them!
MIKE: YES! But how?
JACK FROST: Misdirection!
MIKE: Were going to vandalize street signs?
JACK FROST: NO! Were going to misguide them!
MIKE: That won't happen! There a couple! And Sonia's smart she won't fall for us!
JACK FROST: True! Then we go to Plan K!
JACK FROST: Kidnapping!
MIKE: Isn't that illegal?
JACK FROST: Your a real bummer you know that!
MIKE'S DIARY: Jack's plans are not going to work! We need a tactical approach to this! We can't just go in and destroy this 'alliance' we have to be civil about this! After all this isn't war!
JACK FROST'S DIARY: Disarm and destroy! That's how were going to win this! We destroy Sonia and Randall and it's a sure fire way to victory!

RANDALL: Hey, beautiful!
SONIA: Oh hey Randall, is it time to get up?
RANDALL: Yeah here I made you breakfast!
SONIA: Thanks I was in the mood for an egg salad sandwich! (takes a bite!)
RANDALL: It's tuna.....
SONIA: Oh! Excuse me for a second! (Goes and throws up!)
RANDALL: Sorry! Didn't mean that!
SONIA: It's okay was a little air sick anyway!
RANDALL: Here you want me to make you feel better?
SONIA: Uh! No thanks I took some air sickness pills already!
SONIA: Excited about the challenge?
RANDALL: Yes! One more round and were in the final three! So exciting!
SONIA: It's you and me and one of those dorks in there!
RANDALL: We stick together and we will win this for sure!
SONIA: What are you going to do with the money if you win? And don't say you'll give it all to me!
RANDALL: I don't know! I always wanted to start my own company!
SONIA: I'm going to open up a tattooing parlor!
RANDALL: Sweet! Always wanted a tattoo! Might get one when this is over! And I know just where to go!  
RANDALL'S DIARY: It's going to be the two of us! This is so perfect! I couldn't be more happy! Nothing can spoil my happiness!
SONIA'S DIARY: If the two of us stick together we could totally win this! Then we split the money! 500000 for him 500000 for me! Enough for both of us to start a business! Cool huh?

(The blimp lands!)
CHRIS: Alright! Everybody outside! Quickly! I'm on a schedule! Right! Welcome one and all to Paris! I bet your wondering why were here!
CHEF HATCHET: To test all the good pastries!
CHRIS: Yes! But there's more to this trip! I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower! It's a tower that's tipping but it hasn't fallen!
SONIA: Uh! Chris that's the Leaning Tower of Pisa!  
MIKE: Did you just say pizza?
CHRIS: Anyway! Today's challenge is this! You must race across this park and climb the Eiffel Tower! First three members to the top and they must grab a flag will win immunity a qualify for the finally! One of you will go home tonight! You came this far! Sadly one will leave! And I will have one million dollars! For my 'charity!' See I used quotations! Now Chef here will make the journey more dangerous! Good luck and GO! I mean it! GO! The race has just started! GO! (The four head off through the park!)

SONIA: Come on Randall! We have to make it to the top!
RANDALL: Right behind you!
RANDALL'S DIARY: I'm a naturally born climber I can totally do this!
SONIA: Look! It's Chef! He has some kind of machine!
CHEF HATCHET: Let's make this interesting shall we! (He pushes a button! The ground shakes violently!)
RANDALL: It's an earthquake simulator!
SONIA: This is not going to be fun!
CHEF HATCHET: Level 5! This looks right! (The ground splits! Cars turn into the park crashing into everything!)
RANDALL: LOOK OUT! (He grabs Sonia and pulls her from a cliff!)
SONIA: Thanks!
RANDALL: Don't mention it! Come on! To the tower!

MIKE: Wow! This is dangerous!
JACK FROST: Do like me! (Uses his staff as a skateboard!)
MIKE: Wow! Wish I had levitation powers!
JACK FROST: Mike come on! Use your ninja skills!
MIKE: (Leaps from trench to trench!) Working on it!
JACK FROST: Hurry up!
MIKE: Almost there!
JACK FROST: (Reaches the Tower first!) Great! Now let's start flying! (Starts to fly up!)
CHRIS: Hold on there Jack my boy! This is a climbing race! No flying! You fly and your disqualified!
JACK FROST: Oh come on!
CHRIS: Fair is fair!
JACK FROST: What do I climb with?
MIKE: How's this? Toilet paper? A bunch of human hair? Bed sheets! And a really long extension cord!
JACK FROST: I'll take bed sheets! (Starts tying them together!)
MIKE: I have the extension cord! (Starts climbing it!) See you at the top!
JACK FROST: Right! See you there?
SONIA: What's going on?
JACK FROST: Make your own rope and start climbing!
RANDALL: Why don't you climb the tower like this! (Tries to climb it but he falls back down!) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMPH! Why is the tower slippery?
CHRIS: Oh yeah that's hair gel! And some petroleum jelly! Made it very slippery! Use the materials in front of you to create a rope to climb! Good luck!
SONIA: I'll take the human hair! Using my goo I can create a rope with this!
RANDALL: I guess that leaves me with toilet paper!
SONIA: Start weaving! (They do!)
CHRIS: What an awesome challenge! Hey, isn't the exertion cord hooked up to something?
CHEF HATCHET: Yeah the blimp generator and..... Oh!
CHRIS: Go turn it on quick!
CHEF HATCHET: Right away!
CHRIS: Will Mike be able to survive three thousand volts surging through his body? Will anyone make it to the top? Will we be able to make this leaning tower fall?
SONIA: That's the Leaning Tower of Pizza...I mean Pisa....AUGH!
CHRIS: Find out when we return right here on TOTAL DRAMA THE GREAT WORLD RACE!
Total Drama TGWR: Eps. 14: I-Fell-Tower!
Eps. 14 part 1 is out! Enjoy!

I don't own any characters!
I was tagged by green-eyed-reptile.deviantart.…

Here are rules.
1) You must post these rules
2) Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4) You will have to choose 10 people, and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged.
6) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read this."
7) You have to tag 10 people.
so the questions pointed at me were these(and I will have answers to them)

1) Are you ticklish?: Yes! Very ticklish!

2) If so where?: My stomach

3) What Hogwarts House are you in?: No idea what this one is....

4) What personality trait are you most proud and/or ashamed of?: Proud of being happy! Ashamed of being a little retarded.

5) What physical feature are you most proud and/or ashamed of? My smile proud of! No idea what I'm ashamed of

6) What's your favorite song?: Afraid By The Neighbors

7) What's your worst fear?: Dying in a Zombie Apocalypse

8) Who's your favorite fictional character?: I have several: Mordecai (Regular Show) Raven (Teen Titans) Ruby (Land Before Time) Louis (The Trumpet of The Swan)

9) Who's your favorite YouTuber?: This guy!

10) Who's your favorite band?: Offspring

My questions:

1. What's your favorite animal?

2. What's your favorite TV Show?

3. If you had a super power what would it be?

4. If you had powers would you be the good guy or the bad guy?

5. What is your guilty pleasure? (Do you have any fetishes? Don't answer if you don't want too!)    

6. In your own opinion what was the greatest movie ever seen on the big screen?

7. If you could marry a fictional cartoon character who would it be?

8. What is you favorite sport?

9. Who is your best friend?

10. Should there be a Regular Show/Adventure Time crossover series on Cartoon Network?

I tag………

Have fun!


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Hello, my name is Devi437! I thought it was time to update my Bio so here it goes. I love artwork and hanging out with my friends here on Deviantart! I'm a Regular Show Addict I seen every episode of Regular Show My favorite eps. being TGI Tuesday! Also love Total Drama can't wait for the next season! It is going to be big. I'm also a big fan of scary movies. Being on here is awesome! It is sometimes hard though cause I have two jobs that are totally different from each other. I work as a truck driver and now a part time journalist! If you like my profile watch me and hopefully we will become friends. If you don't like me profile. Well you don't like my profile!
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